Natalia Dalbem // Interview

Natalia Dalbem-Belo HorizonteAlors que tous les regards seront tournés vers le Brésil jusqu’à mi-juillet et la fin de la Coupe du Monde, j’ai eu envie de partir à la découverte des créateurs brésiliens. Alors que la Fashion Week de São Paulo fascine de plus en plus la modosphère, le reste du Brésil ne manque pas de ressources créatives. A Belo Horizonte, l’une des villes hôtes de la Coupe du Monde de la FIFA Brésil 2014, la jolie Natalia Dalbem a créé sa marque éponyme. Alors âgée de 9 ans, elle crée son premier bijou. Depuis, elle n’a jamais arrêté… Une créatrice à suivre!


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« Yes, what I like most in Belo Horizonte is its very distinct culture, this factor pushes me to discover its treasures. »

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« I live in a flat. I usually say that I live inside my studio because it has started in one room of my home, but now, it is growing through my entire place. »

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« Belo Horizonte has an incomparable personality. There are lots of places to go. From the usual to the most distinct considering what a tourist is looking for. My favorite places have the city’s culture signature. I suggest the Central Market for local ingredients and food, the Hippie Fair for local crafts, jewelry and decor. Places like Trindade Restaurant provides an amazing experience with brazilian gastronomy and in a walk through Savassi neighbourhood you will find a huge range of bars, clubs of all sorts of urban tribes and some stores selling one of a kind items. »

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« I will be honest in this case. People here are insanely passionate for soccer, but they are not happy with the Cup due some political interventions and government decisions, so the air is a bit dense for a while, but I know brazilians, I am sure that the passion for soccer will uprise during the Cup and the visitors will have a nice reception from us. »

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« I don’t work with seasonal collections, I do launch single pieces or new collections according to the results of my research about techniques and materials. I am now designing a new collection based in a photo etching technique. It is a new experience for me, but every ready piece lets me very excited. I love some aspects of brazilian culture, so I find inspiration here, in the nature, literature, music, art and some themes related to people’s memories. I’m addicted to instagram! I do share a lot of things that inspire me, previews of creations and some personal pics. You can find me at @nataliadalbem. »

Photos: Natalia Dalbem // Retrouvez les créations de Natalia Dalbem sur l’eshop chic Boticca.

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