Adrienne Alaimo // Interview

adrienne-alaimo-aea-jewelry-Pics 1Adrienne Alaimo, c’est la jolie brune au teint diaphane qui se cache derrière le label AEA. Dans son atelier de New York, elle imagine depuis 2012 des bijoux chics et graphiques. Cinq questions pour mieux connaître cette Instagrameuse de choc dont le succès dépasse aujourd’hui largement Big Apple!

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Adrienne Alaimo: « Designer, maker, seer of beauty. »


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Adrienne Alaimo: « My day to day is very enjoyable. I work hard for sure, and juggle many tasks, but it suits my personality I have found. I am lucky enough to share studio space with a good friend too, so we are always involved in some side conversation while working the day away. At this point, I outsource the work I cannot handle to a group of skilled craftsman I have been working with for years. I work very closely with the man who trained me, an Armenian / Lebanese fine jeweler who still is very involved in all steps of my line, from discussing designs and making first samples to helping finish up production. Everyone I work with brings a specific expertise and skill, they make AEA possible and are wonderful at tackling the unique design challenges I bring each season…even if it takes more then a few trials to perfect. »


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Adrienne Alaimo: « I try to take a trip of some sort every three to six months, although I seem to be getting busier and busier, which is proving hard to step away from. I love to travel around Asia, the rich cultures and tropical temperatures make for my favorite vacation spots. In the states, I tend to visit the southwest a lot, the scenery and wide-open expanse of desert is stunning, and very relaxing! Usually when I travel it is for pleasure, with the note that I generally work with all my friends, so can often group work travel into vacation too, luckily.

My best souvenirs when abroad, by far, are the glimpses of lush scenery and the day-to-day life. The smells of the markets filled with deliciously spiced food, the ocean air, simply put, all the tactile natural elements that I sometimes miss out on living in New York. I am not really one to take home tons of souvenirs (I try to keep my bags to carry on only!)… although I will grab a few if the handcraft is striking. »


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Adrienne Alaimo: « YES. I love NYC. I have been here for over a decade now and still find new and exciting people, places and things all the time. The sense of community and talent is just amazing; it thrives off each other and creates such a beautiful environment to create in. It is a magical place for me really. I will always have some type of home here, if not a permanent residence. It keeps me motivated and inspired.

A few of my favorite spots- Dimes for breakfast, An Choi for their take on a Michelada and my favorite summer rolls, Samurai Mama- great fusion sushi, Marlow and Sons and Diner for everything from food to drinks (and they are also around the corner from my studio… creature of habit)… and many more! »


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Adrienne Alaimo: « I only wash it twice a week, put oil at the ends and always tie it in a braid to keep it from breaking since it is so long. »

Photos: Adrienne Alaimo.

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